I haven’t done a post in a long time so I guess here I go:

I am now doing  indoor soccer on Fridays. I created a team with the people in year 5 and 6                                                                                 What is funny about this is that the boys in year 5 do soccer there at the same day and time so we get to watch each other play and give good encouragements. My team is called ‘Xavier girls’ if anyone loves playing soccer then comment down below. Its lots of fun playing soccer. We lost our first game by a lot it was 18-0 then 5-0 I didn’t care if we lost or won I just really wanted to play!

New class

My new class for 2014 is class 5em. I have the best teacher ever Miss Madigan.

Miss Madigan does the best lessons ever she had a fraction party for us and we got to eat food and it is really easy to learn with Miss Madigan. My teacher Miss Madigan is one of the most funniest teacher ever. My class makes lots of memories with Miss Madigan. My class has our own class blog  you should visit                





Stephanie is my netball teacher. She is really nice and lovely. Se is a really good teacher. She is 18 and her brithday is the 20 of august. She is pretty and funny. We have netball on Tuesday and games on friday . We have alot of fun together. Our team loves her


I am doing a STEP-A-THONE it is a lot of fun. when you do this you have to walk 1000 steps a day. you try to get sponsors and get up to 100 dollars this money goes to people with heath problems like cancer. when you sign up  you get a pedometer and it starts in September. it is a lot of fun. you should try it.


I love to do dancing it is so much fun. I have so much fun doing dancing. I have a concert every year.

I always have a costume for my end of year concert.

doing dancing is so much fun I have done it for 8 years.

you should try it.


Hi my name is Catia and I love to sing. have you ever been to Thailand I have it is a really nice favourite food is cumber my favourite colour is black. I do dancing and netball. I love to do sport and ride my ripstick I am really good at riding my ripstick.  I have a dog named lexi she is tough. my best friend is Amy.

I have written a special thing for her.

Amy is my best friend she is 9 turning 10 and we have been best friends for 8 years. her family is really nice. we have a lot of thing in common but she loves to do art and I am really bad at art. she has a dog named Cody he is really well madded. we  have so much playing together.

that is mostly about me.

my next door neighbours

My next door neighbours are next door of course. we have a lot of fun together. we make a up dances together. I spend a lot of time there. I go there a lot when I get bored. We are nearly sisters. They like to do art. I am really bad at art but I try. They are wonderful.